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Coaching Packages

The "Ongoing" Packages

Authentic You offers 4, 5 , 8 , and 10 week coaching packages to actors in every market.

This is recommended for an actor who has already had some formal training and is looking to fine tune and hone their skills.


Email to inquire on availability.

Film Slate

Audition Coaching

Together, we will take the scene from the page to life.

We will help you to bring out your unique view of the character so that YOU always stand out.

Clients who have coached with Authentic You have had higher callback and booking ratios, and built a higher confidence when submitting auditions. 

Email with questions.


Script Analysis Workshop

Authentic You offers a 1 on 1 Script Analysis Workshop.

This is a month long course dedicated entirely to breaking down a script and learning how to develop a character on paper.

Based on experience, you may also work on camera to learn how to apply the choices you make on paper to your acting.

Email with questions.

Script Analysis

Career Consultations

Career Consultations with Authentic You are an hour long meeting to discuss your career goals and what is needed to get there.

This consultation will give you the skills, knowledge, and mindset to thrive as an artist and get your career on track. 


We will provide honest and clear feedback on next steps in your career; whether you are brand new to acting, thinking about changing markets, wondering how you can build momentum in your current market, or simply need another pair of experienced eyes to look at your materials.

Email with questions.

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