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Allesondra Helwig is... 
the founder of
Authentic You Coaching

I am a working actress living in Los Angeles. As a child, I loved to perform and always knew that acting was what I wanted to do. I went on to graduate from an acting conservatory in New York City (AADA); and, after graduating, I quickly realized that film and television was my calling.  

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had taken what felt like hundreds of acting classes and proceeded to try out all the recommended classes I could find. Soon I realized that the class and the coach that I was looking for might not exist yet.

I wanted to create a place for actors to learn and grow that not only provided them with valuable information, but that also understood that this is not a one size fits all industry or craft.

Actors are unique, and their training should honor that.

No more classes filled with actors working on the same exact scene being given the exact same notes and adjustments, no more coaching that breeds insecurity and competition.

I wanted to offer classes that REALLY understood what it means to be an actor.

Acting Coach & Founder
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