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Acting Summer Camp

For Kids Ages 6-12

Is your kid interested in acting?

Authentic You is hosting a 2 week summer intensive for child actors of all levels.
Kids will learn the following at our 2 week, half day camp.
  • Audition Technique

  • Camera Technique

  • Acting for Commercials

  • Acting for TV/Film

  • Musical Theatre/Dance

  • Improv for All

*All Students will have a New Headshot Taken on the Last Day*

*Healthy Snacks are provided (but lunch is not)*

*Authentic You is a nut free zone*

*All Teachers are fully vaccinated*

*$475 per child*

*Studio is located in Culver City

Our Story

Authentic You was founded by actress, Allesondra Helwig, in Los Angeles.

Allesondra has been a professional actress for 9+ years and has been teaching and nannying for the majority of that time. She taught at the Barbizon School of Acting for 2 years and has co- taught several summer camps. And, for the past 7 years, she has worked professionally as a nanny and often incorporated acting and improv games into her time with her families.

Allesondra strongly believes in encouraging children to pursue their passion in the arts, as she was very lucky to have parents growing up who supported her dreams.

When starting Authentic You, it was important to her that the focus was on self confidence as well as growing as an actor. She believes in empathy and understanding as the core to a successful acting career and wants to encourage kids to have fun and be themselves. It's not about being the next famous actor, it's about the love for what you do.

Meet The Team

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